Facilities & Risk Management

Keeping your building, employees and your business safe.

Managing your facilities and keeping your people safe are the fundamentals to being an employer of choice. Let HR Company Store help you find the right partners to help simplify the process.

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·   Accounting & Bookkeeping

·   Advertising & Marketing

·   Document Management - Data Imaging, Storage & Shredding

·   Facilities Management

·   Facility Equipment (e.g., Office Furniture, Computers & Video Conferencing)

·   Food & Beverage Services

·   Identification Badges - Employee & Conferences

·   Internet & Intranet - Consulting & Development

·   Office Supplies, Printing & Fulfillment

·   Other Professional Services

·   Promotional Products & Gifts

·   Site Access and Entry Systems

·   Transportation & Shipping



·   Commercial Insurance - Auto, Flood, Property & General Liability, etc.

·   Risk Management Services

·   Unemployment Insurance and Related Services

·   Workers' Compensation Insurance and Related Services