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Learning Care Group

Headquartered in Novi, Michigan, we are the second-largest for-profit child care provider in North America. We’re committed to creating state-of-the-art facilities, with the latest technology and expert-driven curricula, to be the premier child and family education organization in the world.

Senior Network Providers

Eldercare Resources for the Workplace

The Senior Providers Network is a specialized eldercare employee benefit program dedicated to helping employees who ar faced with a crisis situation in providing care for an older loved one. 15% of the workforce is caring for an senior loved one. 77% of them missed time from work doing this. Our proven Virtual Gerontologist web based platform will guide to solutions and connect them to vetted professionals based on where services are needed. This reduces stress and helps the employee get back to work faster. Our services build morale and increases employee retention, not to mention, reducing health costs for businesses.


"Making Families That Work, Work"

Cleo is a global enterprise family benefit for working families. With Cleo’s integrated platform and proactive guides, working parents are able to confidently navigate every stage of their family’s journey from fertility to parenthood to return to work and beyond. Cleo families are able to find the support and balance they need, limiting mental health-related issues, improving productivity, and helping parents manage their roles at home and at work.

Employers choose Cleo as a strategic partner to provide a support system for one of the most vulnerable parts of their population. With Cleo’s integrated platform and proactive guides, employers see higher engagement in their existing family benefit programs, decreased spending on high risk maternal and infant conditions, reduced anxiety and stress, increased employee loyalty and increased retention among new parents. Cleo employer partners are able to improve overall population health, promoting strong cultural values, reducing day-to-day administrative headaches, and driving more diversity of highly skilled women in management. 

Cleo supports families globally in 55 countries and works with family-forward enterprises leading the way in becoming the best workplaces.



Xverity, a technology-enabled caregiving services company, dedicated to creating a Caregiving Presence for care recipients and their caregives in an at-home setting. 

CAREGIVERASSIST as an employee benefit solution for caregivers, their employees and care dependents. Developed by professionals who have personally lived the caregiver experience. CAREGIVERASSIST is a unique @home social ecosystem that begins with a detailed LifePlan that is converted to a personalized LifeCare program - including in-home monitoring and communication devices - for the safety, security and peace of nind of the caregiver and care recipient. 

Central to the Life Care program is our technology-enabled CAREGIVERASSIST Services Hub that provides on-demand web, mobile and telephonic access to an array of needed non-clinical social services, such as transportation, home delivery of prepared meals and groceries, home maintenance and repair, medication alerts and refills, and a host of other services to keep the care recipient engaged, comfortable, safe and secure with dignity. 

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