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National Benefit Builders, Inc.

National Benefit Builders, Inc (NBBI), a New Jersey Corporation, continues to earn the highest rating from the Better Business Bureau. Under the leadership of the founders NBBI continues to provide the discount benefit marketplace with comprehensive affordable discount beenfits and unmatched service. Our discount benefits provide comprehensive value at very affordable rates for individuals, families, seniors and pets. 

Dentachoice: Average dental discounts ranging from 15-50% per visit on everything, from general dentistry and cleanings, to root canals, crowns and orthodontia. We utilize the Aetna Dental Access Network for our Dentachoice product. 

NBBI Health: NBBI Health benefits package delivers money-saving, benefits solution to rising healthcare costs and increasing out-of-pocket expenses. Our comprehensive discount program provides an individual or family with access to quality medical services and savings. 

NBBI Senior: NBBI Senior is a practical solution that promotes a healty lifestyle for Seniors. Our comprehensive discount program is affordable and provides Seniors with quality health and lifestyle benefits. 

NBBI Wellness: NBBI Wellness is a practical solution that helps individuals and families stay healthy save money. Our comprehensive discount program is tailored to provide quality health and nutrition benefits that make improving and maintaining your healthcare accessible and affordable. 

NBBI Pets: Pets are cherished members of the family, which is why you want to provide them with the best care. Providing pet owners with simple and affordable access to discounted veterinary care, quality pet supplies, pet prescription savings, and valuable pet resources, NBBI Pet enables pet owners to keep their furry companions happy and healthy, while saving money. 

NBBI Lifestyles: Consumers are always looking to save money on services and products they access throughout the year. That is why our Lifestyle Savings Program is a great way for individuals and families to save hundreds of dollars through the NBBI Lifestyle Savings Program. 

Cyber Security: Keystroke Guard TM and Keystroke Guard TM Mobile are the industy's only patented security software, protecting online transactions, passwords, user credentials and access to sensitive data. 


401(Play) is like a 401(k) for Vacations!

Set aside money each paycheck (direct deposit) into a Vacation Savings Account (VSA). Your VSA is integrated into our online platform that allows you to plan, invite, coordinate and book future travel. Our wholesale travel partner gives you access to extremely discounted deals. After successful account setup, we will mail you a debit card that is your vehicle to spend your saved funds wherever Visa is accepted worldwide.


Castlestone creates applications to address the needs of the healthcare industry and other industry markets. These industries are moving closer together, as health care reform, changes in payment responsibility, insurance reimbursement and product marketing, dictate that financial and clincial information and transaction processing take place in real time. 

We create applications for the health care commuity that take advantage of the speed, performance and scale of the financial networks to deliver real-time from information wherever it orignates (the millions of available swipe terminals) to whereever it is needed - to verify health plan eligibility, process claims, track customer purchase behavior, account for prescription activity and control costs of outpatient services. We are able to implement these applications quickly and effectively, over any size or customer range, with the costs commensurate with the scope of the customers operation. 


Pain Stop Clinics

At Pain Stop Clinics, we practice responsible pain management and pain relief. We are a practice that’s comprised of multiple medical disciplines which allows us to provide comprehensive pain treatment programs for quick pain relief and long-term results. We dedicate ourselves to raising the bar, going further and being proactive in practicing the most innovative medical technologies and comprehensive pain management techniques. We offer onsite care for your employees.


My name is Jean Provenzano I have founded a Holistic Center in my community where I strive to offer you outstanding health & wellness services by providing integrated mind, body, & spirit therapies.


ScreeningOne offers a comprehensive suite of screening solutions and we have one of the most extensive networks of record sources in the industry. 

CuraLinc Healthcare

CuraLinc Healthcare provides clients with an outcoms-driven suite of employee assistance (EAP), member assistance (MAP), behavioral health and wellness programs that have a measurable impact on wellbeing, engagement, productivity and emotional fitness. 


CuraLinc's employee (EAP) and member (MAP) assistance programs provide an organizational approach to working constructively with employees/members who experience personal and work related problems that impact their overall wellbeing.


CuraLinc's wellness programs provide clients with a comprehensive health management solution that engages individuals on a personal level while working to imporve the overall health and wellbeing of the organization. 



Two industry leaders! One unique partnership!

Banner|Aetna is an innovative health care company with a fresh approach to the way quality care is offered and delivered. 

Banner|Aetna combines best-in-market Banner Health Network and the industry leading depth of Aetna to provide better outcomes at lower costs. Our unique structure removes administrative barriers and connects the right medical professionals with the right technology. 

Quality, personalized health care that eliminates costly and unncessary treatments, backed by excellent member support; that's the core of Banner|Aetna. Our shared vision and proven track record put us in a unique position to drive better care and sustainable long-term savings.

Together we change the health care experience for everyone. 


Peformance-Based Wellness

HealthCheck360 enables individuals, families corporations and our valued employees to improve their well-being and to live long, happy and healthy lives by providing innovative wellness programs and health resources.

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