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Culture Engineered

Cultivating cultures....that work.

A provider of HR solutions and support in payroll, benefits, compliance, employee relations, training, and employee engagement- we serve as your HR partner with each stage of your company’s life cycle. We have HR packages for each size business, customized with solutions to help your business grow and succeed. Or, choose from our à la carte solutions to enhance your existing HR strategy. What makes us different? 3 things..... 1) We use technology as a tool to work more effectively, NOT as a sole solution to "people problems". Our magic is in the strategy behind our solutions. 2) We are not a PEO, because you shouldn't have to give up your employees to serve them better. 3) We grow with you. As your company advances, your needs and your employees needs change. For smaller companies we can provide sole HR support, managing your payroll and benefits. When you grow to the size you need an in-house HR person, we'll help you hire and train them! We can then supplement your existing HR team to provide you the luxury of a fully staffed, strategic HR team to support your business and culture at a fraction of the cost!


Castlestone creates applications to address the needs of the healthcare industry and other industry markets. These industries are moving closer together, as health care reform, changes in payment responsibility, insurance reimbursement and product marketing, dictate that financial and clincial information and transaction processing take place in real time. 

We create applications for the health care commuity that take advantage of the speed, performance and scale of the financial networks to deliver real-time from information wherever it orignates (the millions of available swipe terminals) to whereever it is needed - to verify health plan eligibility, process claims, track customer purchase behavior, account for prescription activity and control costs of outpatient services. We are able to implement these applications quickly and effectively, over any size or customer range, with the costs commensurate with the scope of the customers operation. 


Agile Edge Health

To create value by enabling organizations to Optimize Health Relative to Cost™.


Agile Edge Health is a team of experienced professionals that is committed to improving individual, organizational and community wellbeing to “world-class” levels. Over the past 30-plus years, our team members have held senior positions in forward-thinking healthcare organizations and Fortune 500 enterprises and have led initiatives that have achieved outstanding results.  With healthcare organizations and employers, we uniquely facilitate establishing comprehensive continuous improvement systems to identify, develop, and implement new models of care delivery and health management. 

To achieve world-class outcomes for our clients we engage our solutions partners such as Johns Hopkins HealthCare Solutions, E78 Partners, Beacon Health Options, emVitals, HealthNEXT, Sentry Health, Upside Health, Continuity Health, Zeleo, Zillion, Synergiq, and Quantum Wireless Technologies to deliver value where appropriate. Agile extends its clients’ existing infrastructure investments and adds capabilities when beneficial.

Atlas AI Inc.

We offer predictive analytics solutions and automation for sales, marketing, and support teams. We can predict employee churn, employee engagement, employee satisfaction using our open source solution.

Health Portal Solutions

Health Portal Solutions – a provider of custom, integrated web portals – saves Employers and Payers time and money by consolidating insurance, benefits, wellness, and other healthcare details into a single portal. Hundreds of companies trust HPS to organize their disparate data and vendors into a private labeled portal that helps them communicate and manage benefit programs for more than 10 million end-users.


We partner with employers to take control of rising healthcare costs by improving the health of employees and their families.  We’re a company committed to changing healthcare. Everything we do is defined by our passion to improve lives through an outstanding patient experience, superior access to care, and dedication to quality. Our vision is to create the most sustainable solution to reduce healthcare costs by promoting health, preventing disease, and providing a shorter path to care.


"Making Families That Work, Work"

Cleo is a global enterprise family benefit for working families. With Cleo’s integrated platform and proactive guides, working parents are able to confidently navigate every stage of their family’s journey from fertility to parenthood to return to work and beyond. Cleo families are able to find the support and balance they need, limiting mental health-related issues, improving productivity, and helping parents manage their roles at home and at work.

Employers choose Cleo as a strategic partner to provide a support system for one of the most vulnerable parts of their population. With Cleo’s integrated platform and proactive guides, employers see higher engagement in their existing family benefit programs, decreased spending on high risk maternal and infant conditions, reduced anxiety and stress, increased employee loyalty and increased retention among new parents. Cleo employer partners are able to improve overall population health, promoting strong cultural values, reducing day-to-day administrative headaches, and driving more diversity of highly skilled women in management. 

Cleo supports families globally in 55 countries and works with family-forward enterprises leading the way in becoming the best workplaces.



Peformance-Based Wellness

HealthCheck360 enables individuals, families corporations and our valued employees to improve their well-being and to live long, happy and healthy lives by providing innovative wellness programs and health resources.

Atlantic Health Systems

Atlantic Corporate Health tailors employee health programs for over 50,000 employees in severall hundred companies, including pharmaceutical corporations, manufacturing companies, Fortune 500 business and municipal governments. Our goal is to customize cost-saving healthcare and behavioral health services through a variety of innovative solutions. 

Our programs are delivered by Atlantic Health System clinicians. 

An employee health program with Atlantic Corporate Health will have a positive impact on both employers and employees alike. Some of the benefits are:

- A healthy and safe work enviroment

- Improved employee morale and productivity

- Reduced absenteeism and turnover

- Services convienent offered at your facility

Corporate wellness initiatives lower costs of health care for businesses and consumers by encouraging proactive wellness programs and offering employee cost-effective, convenient, and quality care. According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services, wellness programs have a median return on investment of up to three dollars for every dollar spent. 

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