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Assured Benefit Consulting, Inc.

Your employee, medicare elligable partner.

SelfHelpWorks, Inc.

Reduce employee health risk at the lowest cost per successful intervention

If you're looking for an effective, cost-efficient means to reduce your employees' costly behavioral health risks, SelfHelpWorks online cognitive training interventions are likely your missing link. Using a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and health coaching best practices, these user-friendly interventions help employees eliminate deep-seated, costly chronic disease drivers that resist standard behavior modification techniques:


Castlestone creates applications to address the needs of the healthcare industry and other industry markets. These industries are moving closer together, as health care reform, changes in payment responsibility, insurance reimbursement and product marketing, dictate that financial and clincial information and transaction processing take place in real time. 

We create applications for the health care commuity that take advantage of the speed, performance and scale of the financial networks to deliver real-time from information wherever it orignates (the millions of available swipe terminals) to whereever it is needed - to verify health plan eligibility, process claims, track customer purchase behavior, account for prescription activity and control costs of outpatient services. We are able to implement these applications quickly and effectively, over any size or customer range, with the costs commensurate with the scope of the customers operation. 


Healthcare Solutions Centers, LLC

Healthcare Solutions Centers are a team of highly skilled medical practitioners dedicated to providing your employees with high quality healthcare while reducing your company's overall healthcare cost. 

One Medical

The Doctor's Office. Reinvented.

One Medical is the fastest growing primary care system in the US and is a leader in near-site primary care services. As a in-network, membership-based, technology enabled primary care practice, One Medical makes every patient feel like a VIP.

One Medical provides our clients employees, spouses and dependents access to high-touch, technology enabled primary care. One Medical has 50+ offices across the US and currently in the following markets: San Fransisco Bay area, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Chicago, Washington D.C., Boston and New York. 

Over 1,000 companies leverage One Medical conceirge-like primary care and no-fee telemedicine increases access to primary care, improves employee productivity and lowers cost over 8% by reducing Urgent Care/ER/Unnecessary specialists visits and increasing referrals to lower-cost specialists. 

PTX Therapy

EAP for the neck down

Online postural therapy programs serving as the first early intervention for solving chronic muscle and joint pain - and cutting musculoskeletal claims costs. Please check out our 2-minute "How It Works" video that explains the science, the technology and the PTX Therapy user experience;

OneCare, LLC

Adherence Management as a Service with a highly advanced, evidence-based technology platform with a gamified learning management system. We offer a Behavioral Science-based, patient and family-centric care model that improves outcomes and reduces medical expenses through improved adherence to their doctor's care plans, using the family as the primary caregivers. We engage, enroll, connect, equip, train, educate, and certify the patient, their family members, and extended caregivers for the 90% of care that happens in the home setting.


Two industry leaders! One unique partnership!

Banner|Aetna is an innovative health care company with a fresh approach to the way quality care is offered and delivered. 

Banner|Aetna combines best-in-market Banner Health Network and the industry leading depth of Aetna to provide better outcomes at lower costs. Our unique structure removes administrative barriers and connects the right medical professionals with the right technology. 

Quality, personalized health care that eliminates costly and unncessary treatments, backed by excellent member support; that's the core of Banner|Aetna. Our shared vision and proven track record put us in a unique position to drive better care and sustainable long-term savings.

Together we change the health care experience for everyone. 


Peformance-Based Wellness

HealthCheck360 enables individuals, families corporations and our valued employees to improve their well-being and to live long, happy and healthy lives by providing innovative wellness programs and health resources.


TouchCare is a healthcare concierge service. We take care of all the things you don't like or don't know how to deal with: billing mistakes, finding and coordinating with providers, selecting a health insurance plan, and more. 

America's healthcare system is confusing, and things can go wrong. The best solution is to understand your options. Our service provides every member with a Personal Health Assistant. Our job is to make your life easier, save you money, and empower you to make the best healthcare decisions for you and  your family. 

Our unique concierge services for maternity, prescription drug management, and cancer treatment will go the distance to assist your through the most intimidating healthcare challenges you face. 

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