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Onsite OHS

Onsite Occupational Health & Safety

Odyssey Fitness

Your Solution To Corporate Wellness

I've (Ethan Painter) been around the wellness/fitness industry for over ten years. I've worked at the Cleveland Clinic and Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Mostly, I like to be your solution to health & wellness. I specialize in helping companies find wellness programs to meet the individual needs of their employees. The result? Reduced insurance costs for everyone. This generally makes employers, human resources, and health benefits types happy about the money they are NOT spending on unhealthy employees.After successfully launching my first corporate wellness program I've learned I'm really great at this.... How do I do it? *Fitness Facility Management *Online Complete Wellness Portal *Monthly Lunch & Learns *Onsite Group Exercise Classes *Quarterly Fitness & Nutrition Challenges *Facility Design *Equipment Procurement *Nutrition Workshop If you are looking for someone to motivate your employees and inspire them to make a long lasting change to their health, then visit our website today!

PTX Therapy

EAP for the neck down

Online postural therapy programs serving as the first early intervention for solving chronic muscle and joint pain - and cutting musculoskeletal claims costs. Please check out our 2-minute "How It Works" video that explains the science, the technology and the PTX Therapy user experience;

Advanced Exercise

Advanced knowledge. Advanced Planning. Advanced equipment options. Advanced execution. The key to any successful fitness center is a well thought out plan and the right resources to bring it to life, and our design pros have the product and end-user experience to help you get the best return on your fitness investment. 

Goal Fitness Solutions

Individual Corporate Fitness Programs

One Medical

The Doctor's Office. Reinvented.

One Medical is the fastest growing primary care system in the US and is a leader in near-site primary care services. As a in-network, membership-based, technology enabled primary care practice, One Medical makes every patient feel like a VIP.

One Medical provides our clients employees, spouses and dependents access to high-touch, technology enabled primary care. One Medical has 50+ offices across the US and currently in the following markets: San Fransisco Bay area, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Chicago, Washington D.C., Boston and New York. 

Over 1,000 companies leverage One Medical conceirge-like primary care and no-fee telemedicine increases access to primary care, improves employee productivity and lowers cost over 8% by reducing Urgent Care/ER/Unnecessary specialists visits and increasing referrals to lower-cost specialists. 

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