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Your HR Team

Your HR Team is not a Recruitment Agency. We provide full HR support to SMEs (small-med enterprise) in Canada and US. Our approach to managing people goes much deeper than just policies and procedures. We bring a strategic and holistic focus that aims to bring out the best in your people and align them with your business goals. Because when this happens, you get results!

hrEdge Consulting

We are your Human Resource

hrEdge Consulting is your Human Resource – your dedicated HR expert and teammate. Our one-on-one consulting services allows you to speak freely with a skilled HR leader who can answer all your questions from the complex to the mundane. At hrEdge, a caring human is always on the other end of the phone or available onsite, ready to bring you the best solutions for your most precious asset – your people.

With expertise in HR policies, processes and systems, hrEdge helps accomplish your goals through strategic people management.

ValeU Group

ValeU Group offers Unemployment Tax Cost Management, Unemployment Claims Administration, Verification of Employment, Work Opportunity Tax Credit and Unclaimed Refund Recovery services.

ValeU Group fills that void and meets the needs of Fortune 500 companies who require an expert consulting company specializing in direct cash savings, process improvement, quality customer service and thoughtful planning. ValeU Group is not just a service provider or vendor, but a true business partner.

The end to end search, career development and outplacement platform. is the perfect alternative recruiting tool and private career platform connecting candidates directly to recruiting professionals and past filters. is an end to end solution has expedited the search, preparation, screening, interviewing and hiring processes. Our platform assists with the job search, career development and outplacement. 

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