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TMP Worldwide

With TalentBrew, our recruitment marketing software platform, that predicts, personalizes and influences the candidate experience to help you build and retain the right talent.

hrEdge Consulting

We are your Human Resource

hrEdge Consulting is your Human Resource – your dedicated HR expert and teammate. Our one-on-one consulting services allows you to speak freely with a skilled HR leader who can answer all your questions from the complex to the mundane. At hrEdge, a caring human is always on the other end of the phone or available onsite, ready to bring you the best solutions for your most precious asset – your people.

With expertise in HR policies, processes and systems, hrEdge helps accomplish your goals through strategic people management.

Talent Management Alliance

Our mission is to provide a resource for business leaders around the world to find information and services to help recruit and develop the best employees and prepare their organizations for growth and increased revenue.

Kevin Black Consulting

Leadership. Strategy. Execution.

My leadership coaching and consulting services are first-class; that's why I'm on the Forbes Coaches Council. One high-potential manager in a multi-billion dollar company improved her performance - and her chances of promotion - by 40% in just 14 weeks of coaching. I work with entrepreneurs and companies, ranging from start-ups to Fortune 5, to include LifeLock, Medtronic, and McKesson. Overall, I've helped create over $500 million of value. 


My services include:






Inclusion Strategy Solutions

Inclusion Strategy Solutions LLC is a MWBE Certified consultancy that helps leaders at Fortune 50 compaies, governmental agencies, academic institutions and non-profit organizations in the US and internationally to be the best at what they do.

Whether organizations make or sell widgets, build skyscrapers or code, manage finances or nations, their common demoninator is people.

Inclusion Strategy Solutions LLC helps employers succeed with:

- Leadership Development

- Strategic Diversity Planning

- EEO/Diversity and Inclusion Training

- Mentoring Programs

- Employee Resource Groups


The Results:

- Successful recruitment

- Higher employee engagement and retention

- Increased productivity

- Greater innovation

- Greater market share


TalentGuard, Inc

Our award-winning talent management software has helped hundreds of companies to better engage, retain and develop talent. Our talent management technology transforms the way employees seek and discover personalized advice and recommendations about their career. We amplify your company’s ability to make informed, predictive decisions about your workforce.


We build next generation, cloud based solutions that are quick to deploy but are powerful enough to handle the needs of the most demanding global businesses. Our recruiting suite is the most fully featured solution on the market and is designed to support all recruitment types as well as being an enabler for the world’s most successful RPOs.  Our end-to-end integrated talent suite is leading the way in consumer led experience and offers a ground breaking approach to performance management, career planning and learning through the latest personalisation and social features.

Beyond Feedback

We deliver actionable insights directly from our clients’ most important stakeholders that enable continuous improvement of our clients’ strategy and business operations.

MDA Leadershp

Great leadership is our business. Make it your competitive advantage. In today’s fast-paced business environment, demand for leadership talent continues to tighten while the consequences of making the wrong leadership choice or delaying decisive action could have a significant impact on your business. We know that successful organizations must have the right leaders in place today with a strong bench behind them in order to sustain business momentum and drive growth.


In the world of professional service providers, you are often faced with a difficult choice - a local organization that delivers personal attention but lacks the expertise and resources to meet your needs or a large national firm with expensive resources that treats you like a number. The reality is...You don't have to choose!  You can have both national resources and local, personal service when you partner with CBIZ. At CBIZ, your team starts with your local professional but expands far beyond there. An entire group of specialized experts across the country stands ready to ensure all of your specific, unique business needs are met. 

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