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Culture Engineered

Cultivating cultures....that work.

A provider of HR solutions and support in payroll, benefits, compliance, employee relations, training, and employee engagement- we serve as your HR partner with each stage of your company’s life cycle. We have HR packages for each size business, customized with solutions to help your business grow and succeed. Or, choose from our à la carte solutions to enhance your existing HR strategy. What makes us different? 3 things..... 1) We use technology as a tool to work more effectively, NOT as a sole solution to "people problems". Our magic is in the strategy behind our solutions. 2) We are not a PEO, because you shouldn't have to give up your employees to serve them better. 3) We grow with you. As your company advances, your needs and your employees needs change. For smaller companies we can provide sole HR support, managing your payroll and benefits. When you grow to the size you need an in-house HR person, we'll help you hire and train them! We can then supplement your existing HR team to provide you the luxury of a fully staffed, strategic HR team to support your business and culture at a fraction of the cost!

Atlas AI Inc.

We offer predictive analytics solutions and automation for sales, marketing, and support teams. We can predict employee churn, employee engagement, employee satisfaction using our open source solution.

Michelle May Griffin

HR Consultant for small to mid-size businesses focusing on HR initiatives for project implementations and performance improvement for recruitment, training, career pathing, employee development process, compliance, and benefits administration. Previous experience with mergers, acquisitions, entity dissolution, and the creation of international entities. 

hrEdge Consulting

We are your Human Resource

hrEdge Consulting is your Human Resource – your dedicated HR expert and teammate. Our one-on-one consulting services allows you to speak freely with a skilled HR leader who can answer all your questions from the complex to the mundane. At hrEdge, a caring human is always on the other end of the phone or available onsite, ready to bring you the best solutions for your most precious asset – your people.

With expertise in HR policies, processes and systems, hrEdge helps accomplish your goals through strategic people management.

Talent Curve

Launched in 2007, Talent Curve specializes in employee engagement, leadership development, and career transition assistance. We are strategically positioned in the Northeast, the South, and the Southwest. The company designs and implements custom career solutions for the government and military, large corporations, trade associations, labor unions, and other organizations. These solutions can encompass any or all of the services we offer, including but notlimited to career exploration, employee development, resume building, Federal resume writing, job-search strategies, Assessments and individualized counseling.

Job Hunter Pro

Job Hunter Pro provides zero-cost HCM solutions to employers, HR service providers (payroll companies, PEOs, etc.), benefit brokers, and staffing/RPO firms. Our solutions are designed to be “win/win” with built-in cost containment and risk management capabilities.

We believe 100% of the workforce should have easy access to outplacement, job interview, and related services, regardless of reason for separation or any other factor. To do this, cost and user access cannot be barriers.

For example, our zero-cost ultra-outplacement solution covers 100% an organization’s workforce, regardless of position or reason for leaving. It’s cloud-based and can be self-service or bundled with other services. There’s no contracts, no ads, and nothing to buy. The same applies to our staffing solutions.

For those with unique needs, we provide low-cost branded and custom versions. They enable our customers to provide a more targeted end-user experience. It also makes it easy for HR service providers to offer new value-added services, thereby improving customer acquisition and retention.

With universal coverage, universal affordability, and universal benefit, you get the best possible ROI. Covering 100% of your workforce, regardless of reason for separation, for example, provides optimal unemployment compensation savings.

Options such as branding, customization, employee self-service, and subscription payment models enable ultra-flexible use cases for any employer or HR service provider. The video library on our website provides details on how we do it and how you benefit.

The end to end search, career development and outplacement platform. is the perfect alternative recruiting tool and private career platform connecting candidates directly to recruiting professionals and past filters. is an end to end solution has expedited the search, preparation, screening, interviewing and hiring processes. Our platform assists with the job search, career development and outplacement. 

The Hire Talent - Assessment Company

Pre-Employment Assessments

Pre-hire assessment tools to help companies predict pn the job success. 

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