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Atlas AI Inc.

We offer predictive analytics solutions and automation for sales, marketing, and support teams. We can predict employee churn, employee engagement, employee satisfaction using our open source solution.


Benefit Fairs Made Simple!

We organize benefit and health fairs for larger businesses in the Phoenix area. We coordinate the vendors and handle the set up and break down on the day of the event. We do this all at no cost to the business! We can work with HR, Wellness Coordinators and/or Brokers.

SelfHelpWorks, Inc.

Reduce employee health risk at the lowest cost per successful intervention

If you're looking for an effective, cost-efficient means to reduce your employees' costly behavioral health risks, SelfHelpWorks online cognitive training interventions are likely your missing link. Using a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and health coaching best practices, these user-friendly interventions help employees eliminate deep-seated, costly chronic disease drivers that resist standard behavior modification techniques:

Staff Privileges

At Work, At Home & On The Road - We've Got You Covered

Staff Privileges was created as a way for companies, of all sizes, to show employees how much their valuable contributions to the success of the organization is appreciated. Staff Privileges does this by providing employers with a pre-built platform of valuable, tangible, everyday benefits that they can give to their employees. They can provide access as an incentive, as a reward or as part of their overall employee benefits and compensation. The value of the program and the increased engagement decreases turnover and increases employee performance. How Staff Privileges benefits employers Program takes only days to set up - whether a company is large or small. High, everyday value to employees. Easy way to raise overall compensation value to employees. Helps increase employee retention - employees only have access to the benefits while they are with the organization. Employers can use as a benefits program for all employees or and incentive and rewards program to encourage and reward exceptional contributions and performance. Platform is branded with company name and special personalized messaging. How Staff Privileges benefits employees Benefits provide everyday savings, security and peace of mind. Benefits are easily accessible from any computer or mobile device and can be shared with employee’s entire family. Benefits travel with employees wherever they go. Employees feel appreciated for their contribution to the organization. Employees can have their benefits with them at all times with our mobile app. Benefit plans with unlimited 24/7/365 access to a medical and prescribing doctor, roadside assistance and family pre-paid legal + more.


DeeveFit is a live 2-way fitness program designed for people impacted with diabetes. DeeveFit is committed to helping you with your diabetic journey. If you’re new to type 2 diabetes and having trouble sticking with your fitness program?, Try DeeveFit, where you can work out with other people who have diabetes and focus on one common goal to prevent type 2 diabetes through fitness and healthy eating. To sign up, visit

PTX Therapy

EAP for the neck down

Online postural therapy programs serving as the first early intervention for solving chronic muscle and joint pain - and cutting musculoskeletal claims costs. Please check out our 2-minute "How It Works" video that explains the science, the technology and the PTX Therapy user experience;

IT Service, Cloud, Access Point, Access Control, Networking, Phone System, Optical Fiber, Security Camera, Alarm System, Monitoring, Backup & Recovery

Sonic Boom Wellness

Breaking the barriers to wellbeing

Everything we do is (and always has been) centered on driving daily health-habit improvement – helping members improve their quality of life day-over-day, year-over-year. We drive social contagion, because social interaction creates greater engagement and sustainability. And our focus on gamification draws people into the program, even in the absence of incentives. We introduce ever-evolving gaming mechanics to create ongoing excitement, energy, accountability, inspiration, and motivation. We predict and respond quickly to market/client demands with nimble, forward-thinking innovation, and approach the individual in a holistic way, addressing unlimited facets of wellbeing (physical, nutritional, stress, financial, sleep, resilience, etc.). And we're committed to white-glove service, saving clients time and energy in running a robust wellness program that engages members all year long.


Renew You : Refuel Your Family

care4givers provides a 360 degree support system for employees who are also the caregiver of a loved one. We do this through educational content, care management resources, on demand and recurring "RenewYou" time, and the ability for employers to provide someone to escort the care recipient to medical visits with a trained healthcare provider to act as advocate and send a detailed report of what transpired back to the employee thereby helping to minimize employee absences.

Odyssey Fitness

Your Solution To Corporate Wellness

I've (Ethan Painter) been around the wellness/fitness industry for over ten years. I've worked at the Cleveland Clinic and Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Mostly, I like to be your solution to health & wellness. I specialize in helping companies find wellness programs to meet the individual needs of their employees. The result? Reduced insurance costs for everyone. This generally makes employers, human resources, and health benefits types happy about the money they are NOT spending on unhealthy employees.After successfully launching my first corporate wellness program I've learned I'm really great at this.... How do I do it? *Fitness Facility Management *Online Complete Wellness Portal *Monthly Lunch & Learns *Onsite Group Exercise Classes *Quarterly Fitness & Nutrition Challenges *Facility Design *Equipment Procurement *Nutrition Workshop If you are looking for someone to motivate your employees and inspire them to make a long lasting change to their health, then visit our website today!

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