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"Making Families That Work, Work"

Cleo is a global enterprise family benefit for working families. With Cleo’s integrated platform and proactive guides, working parents are able to confidently navigate every stage of their family’s journey from fertility to parenthood to return to work and beyond. Cleo families are able to find the support and balance they need, limiting mental health-related issues, improving productivity, and helping parents manage their roles at home and at work.

Employers choose Cleo as a strategic partner to provide a support system for one of the most vulnerable parts of their population. With Cleo’s integrated platform and proactive guides, employers see higher engagement in their existing family benefit programs, decreased spending on high risk maternal and infant conditions, reduced anxiety and stress, increased employee loyalty and increased retention among new parents. Cleo employer partners are able to improve overall population health, promoting strong cultural values, reducing day-to-day administrative headaches, and driving more diversity of highly skilled women in management. 

Cleo supports families globally in 55 countries and works with family-forward enterprises leading the way in becoming the best workplaces.


Lancaster Leadership

Cultivating lifelong leaders

Lancaster Leadership is a leadership development and management consulting firm dedicated to unlocking your potential as a team and as an individual.

In the public, non-profit, and private sectors, Julie Lancaster serves as a leadership coach, consultant and trainer. Her topics range from strategic planning to increasing accountability: any topics that influence workplace success. She provides:

  • Trainings, leadership academies, strategic advances, retreats, and team building events for teams
  • Strategic planning & facilitation
  • Leadership & career coaching
  • A women’s summit in Arizona
  • An online leadership development course
  • Keynotes

Team In Training - The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Team In Training, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s sports endurance campaign, offers an unmatched opportunity for employees in search of career, community and cause, at no cost to employers. For more than 30 years we’ve professionally trained athletes at all levels and delivered an inspiring event weekend experience guaranteed to be a once in a lifetime adventure. Over 650,000 teammates have raised $1.5 billion in our quest to take cancer to the finish line.

RepYouTeyShuhn / Brand You

RepYouTeyShuhn is the only company providing behavior-based personal leader branding services for leaders at all levels. 

Through one-on-one coaching or group workshops, the RepYouTeyShuhn team helps people align actions, communication and visability, time management, networking and more to a unique value proposition to deliver professional and organizational results. 

Engage us as part of development programs, diversity and inclusion efforts, and new branding implementations (because people deliver upon half of a company's brand promise). Or, certify your HR team in how to incorporate behavior-based branding principles into coaching efforts. 

Prism Financial Concepts

Prism Financial concepts offers a fractional CFO service for growing companies that want to better align their tax, accounting and business strategies.


Making HR Lives Easier

Administering employee benefits while meeting your compliance obligations is no easy task. It's enough to strain even the best HR team. We're here to help.

What We Do

We're committed to making employee benefits easy to manage so your teams can focus on  your core business instead.

Flexible - Flexible business rules, advanced reporting capabilities, and product features tailored to meet even the most complicated business requirements.

Simple - Our data transfer processes make it easy to send your data to us - your IT team doesn't have to program to our file specs.

Service - We assign dedicated account teams to support each client. That means you always talk to someone who knows your company and its unique needs. 

Our services cover an employee's entire lifecycle - from new hire to retiree - all managed through a single source system using the same data set.

ACA Administration - Comprehensive, Reporting-only, and Letter 226-J support services to help employers meet their ACA tracking and reporting obligations. 

Billing Services - Reitrees. Employees on leave of absence or FMLA, Surviving Spouses. Whatever the business need, our premium billing services are the perfect solution. 

COBRA Administration - Complying with COBRA regulations is just as important - and time-consuming - today as it was when the law was first introducted. We make it easy 

Eligibity Verification - Employers have a fiduciary responsibility to ensure only elgiible individuals are covered under thier plans. Our dependent eligibility audit services can help. 

Print and Mail Services - Offering benefits to your employees entails multiple employee communications throughout the year. We can dramatically simplify the preocess for you. 


Advancing the managment of chronic kidney disease.

Renalogic has led the dialysis cost containment industry since 2002, pioneering a proprietary pricing method that's legally sound and that provides the best defensible administrative record for our clients.

Now we are changing how employers think about dialysis. Cost savings is important but cost avoidance is better. In 2014 we launched our Kidney Dialysis Avoidance Program (KDAP) with Registered Nurses across the nation specializing in renal care and case managment to help members manage critical life choices to prevent the progression of dialysis.

Since 2002, we have saved employers $1 Billion on dialysis cost through our cost containment methodology.

- Proprietary pricing methodology deviling up to 91% off total billed charges.

- Creates the most defensible administrative record.

- Proprietary full carve out process.

Kidney Dialysis Avoidance Program (KDAP)

By enrolling in KDAP, plans will completely avoid future dialysis charges by allowing our nurses to help your members not progress to dialysis. 

- Registered Renal Care Nurses and Certified Case Managers.

- Renologic has 99.9% success rate at preventing dialysis in participating members. 

- Proprietary clinical pathways for kidney disease treatment. 

We serve all level of employer groups, enterprise, small, medium and non-profit through our valued relationships wth Taft Hartley Plans, Brokers, Networks, Third Party Administrators and direct business relationships. 


Bright Funds

Bright Funds provides a workplace giving platform where employers can offer giving programs to their employees in the form of financial giving, volunteering or grants management. Bright Funds supports employers of all sizes and customers include Cicso, VMWare, Campbell’s Soup and William Sonoma.

The end to end search, career development and outplacement platform. is the perfect alternative recruiting tool and private career platform connecting candidates directly to recruiting professionals and past filters. is an end to end solution has expedited the search, preparation, screening, interviewing and hiring processes. Our platform assists with the job search, career development and outplacement. 


Employee Loans Made Easy

TrueConnect is a financial wellness voluntary benefit that is free for employers to offer and requires very little administration. TrueConnect offers employees safe, simple and affordable loans and does not require a credit score in the loan application process.

With TrueConnect's patented program, employees have an easy way to borrow money and a responsible plan to pay it back. Depending on the loan amount employees are looking for, they can privately apply for a personal loan online with either the no credit check or the credit check program with loan sizes from $1,000-$100,000. Funds will be directly deposited to a bank account within no more than 24 hours once approved.

Borrowers also receive 6 free financial counseling sessions, and all repayments are reported to three credit bureaus so borrowers with on-time payments may be able to build up their credit scores.

TrueConnect is Employee Loans Made Easy.

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