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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I write a review without being a member of HR Company Store?

Unfortunately no, only those with a confirmed profile page can submit reviews on vendor partners.

Does it cost the HR professional any money to join HR Company Store?

For HR professionals it does not cost anything to join. 

Does it cost the vendor partner any money to join?

For vendor partners, it does not cost any money to have a basic profile, if the vendor partner wishes to increase their lead opportunity, they can pick the profile package that best meets their needs.

Will HR Company Store remove a comment if the vendor partner requests it to be?

HR Company Store can't determine if any advice that is posted is true or false. HR Company Store's position is that any advice posted is valid and is the personal opinion of the person posting the advice and that persons perceptions as to their personal interaction with the vendor partner.

When HR professionals accept our Terms of Service, and subsequently post reviews, they are representing to us the factual statements they make (those capable of being proven true or false) are indeed true.

We screen each post and based solely on HR Company Store's discretion, we will remove any posts that contain obvious falsehoods (i.e. those that do not involve weighing the believability of the HR professional author vs the vendor partner representative).

The standard that is used to review comments before they are approved for posting is the same for vendor partners who pay for the profile page or the free-account. We treat all reviews equally.

Can a vendor partner respond to a negative advice comment?

Yes, vendor partners have the opportunity to respond to any comment (negative or positive) that is on their profile page. Vendor partners can do this simply through the tool that is provided as part of their administrative profile page.

Can I cancel my vendor partner profile page?

Vendor partner profile pages can be cancelled one of several ways:

Through e:mail at VendorService@HRCompanyStore.com

By Mail, Attn: Vendor Services, HR Company Store, PO Box 86940, Phoenix, AZ 85080

By Phone, at 

In any written request, please include it on your company letterhead, with your name, company name, account number, and telephone number. You will also need to include the effective date of the cancellation. Please note, retro-active cancellations will not be honored.  

Will my account be automatically renewed?

For your convenience, HR Company Store will automatically renew vendor partner profiles at the end of their renewal period. A renewal fee may be different than what the original price paid was. At the end of the renewal term, monthly plans will renew for an additional month, annual or multiple-year plans for an additional year. Your PayPal or credit card on file will be billed on the last day of your renewal. If the payment fails, additional attempts will be made. After three failed attempts, the vendor partner profile will be canceled and the profile page will be returned to free-account status.

Can the automatic renewals be shut off?

Yes, automatic renewals can be shut off. The owner of the profile must submit the request in writing including the account number, and the date of the renewal. 

What types of data points does HR Company Store collect from our the HR professionals and vendor partners?

Depending on which HR Company Store services are used we collect different kinds of information from HR professionals and vendor partners. For example, 

Information that is entered into the profile pages

Information on how you use your account (including the types of pages you have reviewed and viewed, posted reviews on, and the frequency and duration of your activities)

Information about the device that you have used to access the HR Company Store site (e.g., phones, computers or other devices where you install or access our services), depending upon the permission you've granted. 

Information from your different devices so that we can provide a consistent service across all of your devices (e.g., device locations through GPS, Bluetooth, or WiFi signals, your IP address, your phone number and other details about your operating system)

If you are a vendor partner, we also collect, in additional to the above, information such as your credit or debit card number and other authentication information. We also collect billing and shipping details. 

How do we use the information that we collect?

As an HR professional, we are able to deliver our services through our personalized content creator. By providing us specific details regarding your organization, we customize the site that you only see information that can help you. As a vendor partner, you can design profile pages that target the key markets you wish to develop a business relationship with. 

Can an HR professional submit anonymous advice to other HR professionals?

Because HR Company Store relies on its HR professionals experience, advice given to other HR professionals are not submitted anonymously. The HR professional information is of course kept confidential, but advice comments are made available to the companies that are reviewed, including the name of the company (not the individual) that submitted the advice comment. Since there are two sides to every story, companies can submit responses to any advice comments that are posted. HR professionals can only submit advice comments on an individual vendor partner only one time per six month period.  Lastly, all advice comments that are submitted by members go through a team of HR Company Store staff members who look for content that does not comply with our Terms of Service. Advice comments that are rejected are returned to the HR professional with an explanations of the decline. Once the irregularity is corrected, the HR professional is welcome to repost the corrected advice comment. 

Can a vendor partner post advice comments on their own profile page? 

No, vendor partners and their current employees are prohibited from providing advice comments on their own profile page. If the vendor partner is caught submitting advice comments on their own company, the company is reprimanded and the advice comments are permanently removed. If the vendor partner employee is caught a second time, the vendor partner profile will be automatically set back to free-account status on HR Company Store, all reviews will remain visible and no monies will be refunded for the duration of the contract.

Can a former employee post advice on a vendor partner profile page?

Former employee can post advice comments on a vendor partner page only if they are currently using the services of their prior employer.  If it is determined that the former employee new employer is not in contract with the prior employer or that the current employer is completing an RFI/RFP (Request for Information/Request for Proposal) services through the former employer than the comments will be immediately removed.  

Will HR Company Store remove a vendor partner completely from the site?

Once a Vendor Partner is listed on HR Company Store, the Vendor Partner will not be removed unless the company is no longer in business. HR Company Store believes in creating a robust and transparent resource for HR professionals. 

Can HR Company Store be held liable for any advice comments posted on its site?

HR Company Store cannot be held liable for any HR professional content that is hosted on the site. According to Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act 47 U.S.C (CDA), with limited exceptions for intellectual property claims and federal criminal activity, web platforms cannot be held liable for the content that is created, authored or posted by third parties. The CDA specifically states that a provider or user of interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider. Since HR Company Store is not the publisher or creator of the content that an HR professional submits on the site, we cannot be held liable for most types of claims from this content.

Since HR Company Store acts as intermediary on what to and what not to allow to be posted to its site, does it waive immunity protection under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act 47 U.S.C (CDA)?

No, HR Company Store's decision on whether or not to display a post or not, by itself does not count as participation in the creation of the content and therefore does not considered in the eyes of the law as a waiver of immunity. In addition, CDA states that “no provider or user of an interactive company service shall be held liable on account of any action voluntarily taken in good faith to restrict access to or availability of material that the provider or users consider to be obscene, lewd, lascivious, filthy, excessively violent, harassing, or otherwise objectionable whether or not such material is constitutionally protected. . 

How long will it take before an HR Professionals advice comment will display on a vendor partner profile page?

HR professionals can expect to see their advice comments posted to the vendor partner pages within 7-10 business days of being submitted. 

Can an HR professional rescind a post after it has been submitted?

Yes, an HR professional always has the ability to remove a post that has been posted on a vendor partner page. An HR professional can do this simply by clicking on the "remove" button within the advice comment page. 

Are different standards applied to different vendor partners in regards to removing defamatory advice comments?

We ask our vendor partners to understand that we apply the same standards of review for all advice comments that are posted, regardless of if the vendor partner has a free-account or is paid subscriber to HR Company Store. Ultimately content decisions are within HR Company Store's rights and it is our sole discretion and final decision as to whether or not a piece of advice should or should not be removed. We do not negotiate about this right.

How can a vendor partner bring an advice comment to HR Company Store for review?

If a vendor partner feels an advice comment does not meet the HR professionals Terms of Service agreement, or they believe the advice comment was posted by a company they are not and have never done business with, we ask the vendor partner to take a screen shot and email the advice comment to Appeals@HRCompanyStore.com for further review. Our content team will then re-review the suspect advice comment, contact the HR Professional to confirm relationship with vendor partner and decide whether we think the challenged content should be considered "prohibited content" under the Terms of Service. If we agree with the vendor partner, we will remove the post. We do not negotiate about our final decision as to whether or not a piece of advice should or should not be removed. 

What happens if a vendor partner files a lawsuit against HR Company Store for content posted to or listed on the site?

Anyone has the right to file a lawsuit against any company, however it is the duty of the individual and their legal representation to prove that the lawsuit was filed in good faith and that they have reviewed the applicable laws and legal regulations (e.g., CDA).  If someone chooses to file a lawsuit against HR Company Store for the content that has been posted by an HR professional, that organization, person or entity could be required to pay attorney's fees and be subject to sanctions for having filed a frivolous lawsuit.

Can a vendor partner respond to any advice comment posted on HR Company Store?

Yes, vendor partners have the right to respond to any advice comment that is posted by any HR professional on their profile page. The on-line vendor partner secure site has a tool that will allow vendor partners to provide one response comment to any one advice comment that is posted. 

Can only vendor partners with paid subscriptions post response comments on HR Company Store?

Yes, only vendor partners, with upgraded subscriptions are allowed to post responses on HR Company Store.

Can an HR professional post vendor pricing?

No, it's against the terms and conditions of the HR professional profile page to post any information regarding terms and conditions, pricing, ratings, premiums or any financial or contractual information about the vendor partner. No advice comments pertaining any perceived financial or contractual information will be approved for posting. 

What can I do if I am concerned with privacy on HR Company Store?

If you have concerns about providing information to us or having such information displayed on HR Company Store or the information being used in any manner permitted in the Privacy Policy and/or as stated on the HR professional or vendor partner Term of Service, you should not become a member (either as an HR professional or vendor partner), visit our website, apps, or otherwise use our services.  If you have already created an HR professional account, you can close your account.  Vendor partners can create a free-account. 

Can I opt-out of targeted advertising? 

We use advertising technologies and web beacons to collect information. If you do not want us to track your behavior on third-party sites, can opt-out. HR professionals can opt-out by closing the account. Vendor partner can opt-out by creating a free-account.

This FAQ is provided for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. It is your responsibility to seek advice from an attorney and not rely on solely on this information.